Why women wear high heels

The high heel is a term used to refer to shoes that are significantly higher off the ground compared to the toes. High heels length ranges from3.5cm to about 18cm. They are usually worn by women. High heels have a long history that dates back to the 10th century. High heels were worn by the Persians Calvary to make sure their feet stayed up in the stirrups.

Men also wore high heels to display their upper-class status as they were wealthy enough to purchase such expensive shoes. As time went on, the high heel was worn to distinguish the upper-class from the lower-class. High heels have been made from a wide range of raw materials like leather, cowhide, silk, patent leather and so on are used in making high heels. Most styles of dance are performed while wearing high heels.

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As wearing high heels is a part of fashion that contributes to dressing, it also causes instability and injuries causing foot deformity. While women are aware of the dangers that might occur as a result of wearing high heels, why do they still wear them?

Here are some of the reasons;

1. High heels make women walk more attractive

Women walking with high heels tend to have self-confidence as it makes them more attractive to men. High heels make women talker and even attractive as it gives an illusion of longer legs.

2. High heels increase height

Women like to stand out wherever they are, high heels increase their stature which gives them a sense of authority and power.

3. High heels make them more feminine

Research shows that high heels give women a more feminine impression as it enhances the swift movement and rotation of their hips.

4. High heels help women get more attention from the male

Based on research, women get more attention from males when they wear high heels either to an event, occasion or anywhere.

5. High heels symbolizes power

Dating back to history as far as 3500BC, Aristocratic men and women used to wear high heels for ceremonial purposes. Women who wear high heels tend to possess power and professionalism in their areas of expertise and everyday life.

6. High heels are fashionable

High heels are a means of beautification for women to complete their dress code.

Types of High Heels

·   Stilettos heels

Stilettos heels are the commonest type of high heels, they are thin and of wide varieties when it comes to height as they range from 1 inch to 7 inches or above. Stilettos can be worn to any occasion as they are stylish and rockable.

·   Cone Heel

These heels are named after the shape of their heel. The heel looks like the cone of an ice cream cone. Cone Heel makes it convenient for its wearers to walk easily and even gives support for a long time.

·   Platform Heels

Platform heels range from about 3cm-10cm, they are highly raised above the ball of the feet. They are known in many cultures in the 1970s, it was a rampant product among both European gender. Platform Heel reduces the risk of a sprained ankle.

·   Spool Heels

Spool heels have a thicker sole, they are wide at both the top and bottom and narrower in the middle, which makes it look like an hourglass. Spool heels provide comfortability for their wearers.