How men’s fashion has evolved over time

Fashion has been around for a long time, maybe even longer than you could imagine. But here’s how men’s fashion has evolved.

Men’s fashion has changed dramatically over time and, with it, so have women’s tastes for the opposite sex. Fashion enthusiasts on know that the fashion industry has a very complex story. Each piece of clothing has gone through dozens or even hundreds of variations and modifications until it reaches the current trends, which we see in clothing stores.

With the explosion of the online environment and the appearance of fashion bloggers, men’s clothing has taken on a different shade. New recommendations, combinations of styles, and trends can be found on Eton. So, we will continue to take you through the history of fashion, from ancient times to the present day, to discover new things and to understand in depth the current trends!


After entering the 1900s, men’s clothing was largely utilitarian and unimaginative, but it highlighted the tall and athletic silhouettes of young people. The 3-piece suits were extremely popular, as were the high hats. As for the pants, their length was starting to decrease, being promoted shorter pants than before.


The post-war period was prosperous for many of the businessmen of the 1920s, which is why the fashion industry flourished. The man’s appearance gained importance again, and business outfits became more and more popular. The Americans were inspired by the outfits of the French and the British, combining a lot of pieces observed abroad. Loose shirts began to please men, as well as colorful socks, jackets with natural shoulders and ties.

It was jazz

The 1920s saw a complete overhaul of men’s fashion as we know it. Opting for lighter shades, in this era, the coats in two rows came to the fore. The hat still exists, and the shoes in lighter shades were chosen with white being the favorite as shown in the movie. The bow tie and crumpled pants remained the same, and I saw an increase in men spending and dancing on some of the classic jazz pieces of the time.

Hippie culture

Flamboyant T-shirts and messy hair must have been the result of disco culture. The high-waisted trousers with a bell bottom represented a pillar in time. Bracelets, watches, and other accessories appeared along with the style. The indestructible and nomadic attitude that came from the hippie culture dictated the modeling of the outfit in the decade with a lot of emphasis on psychedelia.

Attention to detail

The current generation makes a lot of effort to get the look of many branded products. From skinny jeans to low-rise jeans and slim-fit shirts, the decade has seen a completely different look from the previous ones. Accessorized with bags, the style has a semi-casual look.

One thing that can be seen in all fashion styles from different generations is that change is constant no matter what. Fashion has evolved since the beginning of time and will continue to evolve. But a pattern follows, and the previous trends go back in time, in different forms, maintaining the true spirit of fashion.

Today, men’s clothing is a very complex subject that can be approached from all angles. The great designers successfully combine the pieces found since the 1900s in men’s wardrobes, adapting them to the tastes of today’s audience.