Discover how to get good reviews for your new webshop!

Online shopping has become a new kind of a trend these days and certain sites like have been offering services in this regard. These sites provide online reviews for different shopping websites to help customers choose the best one for their needs. So instead of going to a mall, customers can just find a good webshop and get their orders delivered at their doorsteps.

For a good online shopping experience, people rely heavily on fashion shop opinions from previous customers. They read and value the reviews that other customers leave about certain shopping sites. These reviews, as a result, make a strong impact on the decision-making of new customers. If you are currently thinking of starting a webshop, we have a few suggestions that will help you generate positive reviews from the customers.

Make it simple for customers to leave feedback.

You want things to be simple for customers, just like the rest of the shopping process. The fewer obstacles customers have to overcome, the more likely they are to leave reviews. This can involve being upfront about the types of questions they’ll be answering and how long it’ll take. Make sure your review method is also very user-friendly. Inbox submissions and checkout comments are both excellent ways to provide your consumers quick and easy feedback. Instead of forcing your clients to click to another page, ask them for feedback on the page they’re now on.

Obtain feedback from a variety of sources.

Customers are likely to be found on a variety of platforms, and they also seek feedback in a variety of areas. Customers can submit feedback wherever they want, whether it’s on social media, your website, in-store, over the phone, or on review websites.

Continue to inquire

Don’t be scared to remind your customers that you value their feedback. Consider their whole purchase history as a unified perspective of their relationship with your company; whenever customers buy something new, use the chance to ask them about earlier purchases.

Participate in all reviews

Part of what potential customers look for in a review, whether positive or negative, is how the firm responds to it. This is especially important when responding to bad reviews since a calm and confident response can show your firm in the same good light as a 5-star review. Thanking clients for their feedback and noting where you can improve is a terrific method to come out as modest and receptive to criticism. It also shows that you care about what your customers have to say.

Ask Your Customers Proactively

Customers will not realize you want reviews unless you specifically ask for them. Make openly asking for input, especially from regular consumers, a cornerstone of your engagement strategy. Most individuals will not object, and if you haven’t already, asking will significantly increase the number of reviews you receive.


Although taking all the above-mentioned measures won’t guarantee just positive reviews, you would surely get the most reviews. It is also certain that the majority of customers are more likely to believe reviews that include both positive and negative feedback.