Children’s fashion trends: 5 reasons to not to follow them

Five reasons why following children’s fashion trends may negatively affect your kids. Self-expression, peer pressure, body image, celebrities, and designer brands are important.

The fashion industry today is very inclusive and considers fashion for all: women, men, and children. Nowadays, there are modeling agencies for children. The kids model clothes such as onesies, dungarees, slim jeans, sweatshirts, girls cardigans, pajamas, bodysuits, fancy dresses, and other unique branded clothes.

While it may be exciting to know that our children can get to look stylish and iconic, it is important to remember that kids especially teenagers, are very conscious about their body and looks. It is important to let your child know that looks do not define who they are and character is more important than fashion.

girls cardigans

Here are five reasons why you should not let your children concern themselves too much with fashion trends:


Children especially those in their teen years may regard fashion as something very important and use it as a tool of self-expression. Teenagers may sometimes use fashion to express rebellion, anger, rage and any other negative emotions they may be going through. If your child does not know how to open up and talk about what is disturbing them, they may turn to fashion as a way of communication. A good example is how teenagers who like gothic outfits may end up tattooing and piecing their skin as well as wearing dark makeup.

Peer pressure

Not all children have the same financial background. Dressing your children up in expensive designer clothes may make their friends feel inferior if their parents cannot afford such clothes, and vice versa. Imagine your child refusing to go to school because they feel their clothes are not fancy or trendy enough compared to those of other children. This may lead to decline in their performance.

Body image

Magazines and the media display models with perfect bodies and led to the rise in body image issues in adults and children are developing the same insecurities as well. Fashion magazines will make your child feel like they are not attractive enough if they do not have certain features like full lips, a flat tummy, masculine arms as well as a six-pack chest for boys, and curvy features or a skinny body for girls.

Designer brands

Designer brands make people look stylish and wealthy. If you fail to buy you children designer slim jeans, girl’s cardigans or any other clothes they may like, they may feel like you have failed them. Some children may experience too much peer pressure until they resort to criminal activities like selling drugs so that they can earn quick money, buy designer clothes, and look like celebrities they admire.


Celebrities are also big fashion icons. However, some celebrities are not good role models to our children due to the type of songs they sing and the explicit videos in their music. Your children may end up learning some immoral things from the fashionable celebrities whom they admire.

Teach your children from a young age that there is more to life than fashion, and they will grow into secure and confident adults.