Bridesmaid Essentials for the Wedding Day Including Bridesmaid Shirts!

There’s no better day than a wedding day! Wouldn’t you agree? Yes, of course prepping for a wedding can be stressful, but there are certain things that can make it a bit easier. Today let’s focus on just a few things to make the day of a little bit more smooth and uniform.

themed bridesmaid shirts

Snack time. As the nerves are high and there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, keeping some healthy carbs and protein snacks can be very helpful. A balanced snack can help keep everyone energized and Not grumpy!

Comfy cozy shoes. Save your feet! Don’t wear them out early by wearing uncomfortable shoes too early in the day. Consider bridal flip flops or cush, and supportive flats. It might also be a good idea to have your bridal party do the same.

Medicine bag. Let’s face it, a wedding day has many stressors. It can cause stomach issues, headaches, and body tension. However, if you have a bag full of medicine “goodies” they can ward off anything that would damper the day. You also might want to include Band-Aids, tampons, and hand sanitizer.

Extra chargers. Portable chargers can save the day! There’s nothing like having an important day and worrying about not being able to reach people( or they reach you). Having some extra portable chargers on hand can ward off dying phones, at the most important times.

What’s a wedding day without bridesmaid shirts?

Checkout some cool themed bridesmaid shirts to add a uniqueness to the day! One of the most popular options is the “Friends” theme custom bridesmaid shirts. They come in 12 different colors and range in size small to 3XL.

If shirts aren’t the right fit for you should look at brides and bridesmaids tank tops! The writing is cool, chic, and the style itself perfect to dress up or dress down. It looks great with a pair of jeans. The size range is from extra small to 2XL.

“Super-Cute Bridesmaids T-shirts”. Yes, that is the exact name of it. Yes, this design is super cute! If you are desiring something simple with a sweet design, this is perfect for your bridesmaids. Everyone can have matching bridesmaid shirts or they can mix it up. You choose from 13 color options. The sizes range from small to 3XL.

Beach Palm Bride Tribe Mix. This is an amazing summertime, racerback tank top. It can work well for getting ready on the day of the wedding. Or, it can be a fun option for a bridal shower, as well as, a bachelorette party.  There are five color options, with a size range of XS-2XL.

Are you ready for your big day? There is plenty amazing and creative bridesmaid shirts options. Don’t forget to also check out the selection of wedding day accessories .